I am  Ana Paniagua
stylist and journalist

I accompany women to accept themselves as they are, to maximize their natural beauty and dare to tell who they are.
I believe that when a woman looks in the mirror and likes what she sees, she feels strong and free, she dares to dream and smiles more.
A woman who leads her style becomes UNSTOPPABLE.

My mission is to accompany you so that you discover your own style, the one that reflects who you really are, and makes you look beautiful, gain confidence, security and self-esteem, and feel strong, unique and free. The one that leaves a mark and
works for your brand.


Toca Tacón was born out of my own need to find my true style and to do it with less “stuff” in my closet.

Then I found that style is a powerful tool for self-knowledge, communication and well-being.

Many women find ourselves in the closet. So it was in my case. Thanks to my wardrobe, I learned to know myself better, to dare to be “more me” , and to use it as a tool to tell my own story.

And that made me feel more comfortable in my own skin, have fun dressing again and become a conscious and responsible buyer.

Here you will find  stories, reflections, keys, plans and inspiration to discover, refine or conquer your style , empty your closet of things and fill it with you and transform your personal brand to attract the type of client you are looking forward to working with.

I am very convinced that our cabinets are full of secrets and that they also hide more than one treasure…

I am a strong advocate that our styles help us find ourselves and our wardrobes tell us. 

My mission is to accompany you so that your image reflects who you are and conveys what you want to tell

My entire professional career has been linked to the world of communication, to the power of words and images to convey ideas.

My innate curiosity and my desire to learn and tell stories led me to study journalism.

The first big turn in my career came after training as an expert in corporate branding and reputation.

The second, when, specializing in image consulting , I was conquered by the ability that people have to say who we are without having to speak.

And all this apparently unconnected mess was ordered only when this project was born.

An exciting adventure that allows me to help many women to get to know each other better and to accept themselves as they are, to get excited every day by the courage with which they overcome their fears and break with their insecurities and to work side by side with them so that they transmit all the nuances of your personality and your brand values

And to be able to tell everything!

On the blog I write weekly stories of style and wardrobes for imperfect women. If you think you are one of them, stay! It may have been a coincidence that I got here, but I’m sure it wasn’t.

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1. I cannot conceive of my life without surrounding myself with stories and without the renewing energy of putting myself at the service of others. But I consider myself an ordinary woman who does extraordinary things. Something like a neighborhood tightrope walker who juggles to reach everything without losing hope along the way.

2. I always wanted to be a choreographer. As a child I participated with my friends in a children’s television contest and we won a Walkman.

3. I wrote my first book when I was 13 years old. A kind of Spanish-style Rebels, of class and caste struggle, that would delight any member of the board of directors of Unidos Podemos.

4. Political discussions lose me. I’m politically incorrect, I usually act as devil’s advocate and I get into so many gardens that I even invented a hashtag on Instagram for when they stir me up in low passions and I can’t bite my tongue. #professionalgarden

5. From my radio days I learned that there is no greater success than being surrounded by good people.

6. They say that I am energetic, brave, cheerful, funny and persevering. And I add that I have a dark side, which I manage better and better: I am impatient, perfectionist, non-conformist, quite bossy and a bit of a complainer.

7. I have managed to make my style reflect who I am. Over time, my wardrobe has been filled with color, losing weight in pieces and gaining in a variety of garments that make me feel free and comfortable.

8. I get short of breath if I don’t learn new things. I’m more into living experiences than having things and I think that the lack of desire makes the world stop.

9. I am inspired by brave people, dreamers, those who strive, those who persist and those who do not give up.

10. I dream of continuing to earn my bread with my talent and being able to write for imperfect women  from a beautiful house lost on the Portuguese coast. Surfing, reading on the beach, being more aware of and grateful for my luck, having a simple life, being with my family… And all with Wi-Fi, of course.